What is Chakradance?

ChakradanceTM ~ Rhythm for your soul

CHAKRADANCETM is a powerful movement therapy created by Natalie Southgate.

It gives you the freedom to go within in a safe, supporting and loving environment and awaken to your true authentic self.

Practising CHAKRADANCETM can help tune and balance your whole body/mind/spirit system using spontaneous dance, guided imagery and music that resonates deeply with each of the seven major chakras.

Every class starts with a short meditation. Here we set the intention of leaving behind all our thoughts, worries, to-do lists, homelife and bring our full presence and awareness into the sacred space we are in. You can feel the collective sigh of relief and release when we do this.

We then move into a warm up dance and then dance the chakras with our eyes gently closed. Eye masks are available to those who wish to wear one, this is to enable you to go within and immerse yourself in this journey.

There is no formal dance routine, this is a free expression to do whatever you feel to do. That may be standing and feeling the music pulse through you. It is an inner journey, so you may not move much but may be experiencing feelings, images, emotions and visions to help you with your healing process.

After we dance, we create a mandala artwork to ‘anchor’ your experience. You can draw whatever you are feeling. This might be images, symbols, words, colours. This is your journey, so it will be personal to you. This artwork holds the energy of your experience and you can always go back to it anytime to reconnect with and draw upon that energy.

We close with a meditation to integrate your experience.

Some who have experienced it claim it has transformed their lives (myself included!); others simply say they enjoyed it hugely. Why not try it for yourself?

My events page has all classes that I have currently on offer. If you have, or know of, a venue in South Australia you would like Chakradance offered, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Keep an eye out for the next post where I go more into detail on the different components of a Chakradance class.

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