Thanks Kylie for the meditation on Sunday, it was a great experience. It was a really nice touch with you playing the Shaman drum, it seemed to balance out the energy in the room. Beautiful!


I spent time seeking out a spiritual healer to help overcome grief and loss. I am so thankful that I found Kylie to help me through very difficult times. I had so much blocked emotions that were impacting my life and with Kylie’s healing I shifted through blocks, I cried my heart out and felt so much lighter and peaceful.

The healing power and the flower essences that Kylie provides in her sessions are so amazing. It’s like you have to experience this to understand.

Kylie works with all emotional blocks and chakra clearing. I am looking forward to attending her Chakra Dance classes in 2023.

Thank you Kylie


This was better and cheaper than therapy!
I had a breakthrough that really shocked me.
Private experience dancing in own circle mat, eyes closed.
If you’re open to try something new, give this a go.
Kylie is lovely and the experience is potentially transformative!


What an incredible experience, Chakradance by Kylie @Rebel Heart Journeys is. It always surprises me how much it shifts energy and emotions through the mind body and soul. I recommend Kylie for all her services.


I’ve been gently transforming over the last few months through an amazing journey of Chakradance with Kylie, Rebel Heart Journeys.

It’s been subtle, powerful, easy, spontaneous, deliciously freeing and most importantly, I feel peaceful and pretty darn joyful about who I am… 
I’m lucky to have made it to every session from base chakra months ago and making it to throat chakra on Friday.
I didn’t know what to expect when I first booked, but I was blown away by how deeply profound the changes in me were right from night one.
Each session has been uniquely different, but I’ve walked out having uncovered something incredible about myself, and I’m excited about my future ahead. 
I’ve deliberately sat with this for the last few months before sharing, because it’s been personal, raw and fantastically beautiful and I didn’t expect it to be soooo damn good, but it is!
I went without any awareness of how Chakradance worked (which is unlike me to not overthink) but something just felt right about it and when I arrived, I felt welcomed, safe and upheld from the beginning. 
These last five months have been such a fascinating adventure and having just completed throat, the timing of it all couldn’t be more perfect. 
I’ve just been dropping into these monthly sessions and quietly observing myself, the experiences of others and noticing how respectfully Kylie facilitates her sessions.
What I’ve noticed is that everyone feels safe… they express themselves with an understanding that they are being upheld, nurtured and honoured. 
I know this is how I feel anyway and it’s because of Kylie’s kindhearted nature that I’ve been able to drop some layers of protection and deep dive into some areas of growth and expansion.
It’s really been a journey of healing, of recognising my light, my purpose and for coming home to more love within myself. 
On Friday when we were singing the word love, my voice began quite small but following the urge to turn around and face outwards, I found my voice pounding from my heart outward. How good!


Kylie is a brilliant healer she is understanding and really compassionate. I love also joining her Chakradance 💜