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Monthly (2nd Sunday of the Month)

Journey Within ~ Guided Meditation with Kylie

Join me at Carpe Diem with Remi for a Shamanic Guided Meditation. These meditations are to help you to connect with and receive messages and/or guidance from your spirit helpers. These helpers may be your spirit guides, spirit/power animals, ancestors, elders, angels, galactic beings, gods or goddesses.

December 2022

Are you ready to connect and surrender to spirit?

The crown chakra is our connection to spirit, god, creator, source which ever word resonates for you. In our modern culture many of us get caught up in our material day to day living, and somehow lose contact with the deeper significance of our lives. When we lose contact with our innate spirituality, life can begin to feel empty, meaningless. This dance gives us the opportunity to bring balance into this chakra and open up to bringing meaning back into our lives.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Excited to have me. Finished the workshop feeling happy, light and energised”


“I have thoroughly enjoyed Kylie’s Chakradance sessions. A wonderful mix of colour, music, movement and powerful images through her guided meditation dance. Fabulous!”


“Kylie is a brilliant healer she is understanding and really compassionate. I love also joining her Chakradance”

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