Are you ready to reconnect to your true self?

So many of us lead busy, stressful lives, and we can easily find ourselves feeling disconnected – from ourselves, from our bodies, from the Divine. Often it can feel like we are stuck on the treadmill of life, just getting through each day.

And yet somewhere from deep within, there is a voice crying out

Is there more to life than this?

Everything we need for a life filled with authenticity, vibrancy and freedom already exists within us.

Sometimes we just need a map or a practice to guide us back to who we truly are.

And this is what Chakradance is.

It’s a movement therapy practice which guides us back to the fullness of who we truly are.

It helps us to reconnect with the wisdom of our bodies and deep inner instincts. We rediscover our passion, power and purpose. We release old hurts in our hearts and open to pure love. We reawaken our creativity, intuition and our imaginations, and we remember our spiritual connection.

In Chakradance, we use music especially composed to resonate with each of the 7 major chakras, to revitalise, tune up and rebalance our chakra systems. We dance with our eyes softly closed (or gaze lowered) as this helps us to connect with our inner world. You will be guided into each dance with visualisations and then you surrender to the music and find your own free movement and expression.

Want to get a feel for what it is like?

Watch the below demo video of Chakradance to understand how a class works. We follow a formula of Opening Meditation, Warm up, Chakradance, Mandala, Closing Meditation.

Like most things, this is better experienced live, so do come along to one of my classes.

*note: if you feel uncomfortable with dancing, there is no strict requirement to dance. You may sit or lay down in a comfortable space and still receive the same healing benefit.

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The benefits of dancing for mind, body and soul is immense. Especially during challenging times.

Have you danced lately?

Want Chakradance at your event?

Are you hosting a retreat or workshop and would like to have Chakradance as an offering?

Do you have a group of friends that would like to try Chakradance in your own space?

I am available for private bookings such as retreats, workshops, friend get togethers (no alcohol is advised) and even 1:1 sessions.

Please get in contact with me via my email or the contact page to discuss.

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